Gluten Free Dough

A Remarkable New Technique


Gluten Free Bread


Background-Wheat Allergy

In 1995, I discovered that I had developed allergies to a number of common foods such as wheat, corn, milk and yeast. The following year, my wife Barbara and I learned that our younger daughter, Abigail, was also allergic to wheat. Thus began our long, sometimes frustrating, journey into the maze of food allergies.

Challenge-How to Replace Bread?

One of the first obstacles was to find a replacement for bread. Often baked goods that use substitutes for wheat flour are dry, crumbly and time consuming to make. Additionally, these recipes frequently use other ingredients that are common allergens.

The challenge was to develop a bread that was tasty, versatile and easy to make.

Solution -The Magic of Tapioca Flour!

After experimenting with a number of alternatives to wheat flour, I made the most remarkable discovery!

Tapioca flour, properly prepared, could duplicate the binding qualities of gluten. (Pictured above is the tapioca ready to be added to the gluten free flour.)

Here the cooked tapioca is being kneaded with the buckwheat pita mixture.

The dough is now ready to be rolled out!

No more dry and crumbly bread!

Pitas, tea biscuits, muffins, cookies, quick breads...

Are now easy to make! ...Most recipes can be made in approximately 1 hr.

And versatile, too--works with buckwheat or rice flour!

 I hope that you will find my recipes both useful and fun!

 Good Baking!

 Buckwheat Pete

Disclaimer: No health claims are made for these recipes or for their suitability for any individual. Patients who have celiac disease, wheat allergy or are suffering from any other dietary illness, should consult a qualified health professional before trying these recipes.

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